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Watch 10-Year-Old Kreayshawn’s Home Videos

Kreayshawn shares “Baby Kreay @ 10 years old,” an endlessly-watchable montage of childhood-era videos she shot. “I decided to put some old footage of me up so you guys can see a little of how … read more »

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Cris Cab f. Mavado, “Rihanna’s Gun” (Prod. by Wyclef) MP3

18-year-old Cris Cab teams with Mavado on “Rihanna’s Gun,” Cab’s honey-sweet voice tangling with Mavado’s coarse croon. Wyclef, who produced the track’s quick-firing, wobbled beat, sings along, counting off the chorus. Cab, who’s also worked … read more »

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The Cops Don’t Think Wyclef Was Shot in Haiti

We went away for a couple days, returned to a brand new war and this strange, minute but complex news item. On Sunday, Haiti’s 4.7 million voters began the second runoff round of the presidential … read more »

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Gucci Mane f. Estelle, “Grown Man” (Prod. by Wyclef Jean) MP3

Whenever these Gucci pop collabos come our way, there’s always the hope that lightning will strike again and we’ll get another “Break Up” or another “Obsessed” (Remix). This is neither of those things. Instead it’s … read more »

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Don’t Worry Wyclef, There’s Always Mayor of New York City in 2014

After a somewhat long and sort of contentious attempt to get his name on the presidential ballot in Haiti this month, it appears Wyclef Jean will absolutely, positively not get the chance to lead that … read more »

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Video: Sneak Peeks from "We Are the World 2010"

Unless you have been living in a yurt, you probably know that Quincy and Lionel gathered a bunch of artists together to remake “We Are the World,” with proceeds going to Haiti. Here are the … read more »

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Video: Wyclef Jean & Mavado, "Hold On"

Wyclef and Mavado are two proud sons of two very prideful countries; one of which is going through the worst natural disaster this world has seen in a very long time. As the man who … read more »

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Video: Wyclef Jean f. Mavado, “Hold On”

It’s been a rough 2010 for Wyclef so far: first and most obvious, he’s had to deal with the actual tragedy of his home country’s devastation, and then, he’s had to defend against accusations that … read more »

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Video: Rihanna Does "Redemption Song" on Oprah

As you likely know, Rihanna has covered Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” with all proceeds going to the relief effort in Haiti. Yesterday she made her way on Oprah to play the song live, giving a … read more »

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Wyclef Jean Speaks on Haiti Earthquake

Wyclef Jean released a statement today about the earthquake in Haiti, and included ways for us all to help. Peep the video and read his statement after the jump. Our hearts and prayers go out … read more »

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