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A Hazy Day In The Life of Young L in “Allergic” Video

FADER PREMIERE From his most recent mixtape MVP, Young L just released the video for the blissful “Allergic.” L’s been known for other-worldly beats since his days with The Pack, and this track remains committed … read more »

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FADER’s Slept On: 16 Underrated Songs From 2013

FADER editors look back on great songs you might have missed As 2013 steamrolls into 2014, everybody’s wrangling their top tracks of the year. At a certain point, though, lists blend into other lists, as … read more »

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Mixtape Saturday: Jose Guapo, Main Attrakionz, Young L, Blood Money

Welcome back to Mixtape Saturday, a weekly roundup of great rap tapes around the web hosted by FADER contributor Meaghan Garvey. This week, she talks about the Jose Guapo’s potential, Main Attrakionz’ weird metaphors, Young … read more »

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Download Young L’s Convulsion EP

Here’s a new, five-song EP from former Pack producer Young L, Convulsion. It’s a morose project—everything sounds like it was recorded in the dead of night and L does more with less, utilizing empty space … read more »

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Video: Young L, “MHCC”

Young L, consistently underutilized producer and rapper, he of the wildly popular Pink Dolphin line, has finally delivered the first single from the upcoming”¥.F.GOD mixtape. As his YouTube description specifies, this is not to be … read more »


Video: Young L, “Atari”

Young L, underrated producer and ambassador of the wildly popular Pink Dolphin clothing line is about to release an album called Young Fashion God. The video for “Atari” posits him as the tatted up face … read more »

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The Afghan Whigs and Young L Step Into The Black in LA

Last night, we concluded our Step Into The Black concert series with legendary ’90s alt-rockers The Afghan Whigs at brand new West Hollywood hot spot Bootsy Bellows. Part owned by David Arquette, the venue was … read more »

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Video: Young L, “Powder Blue Pills”

There isn’t actually much discussion of blue pills on Young L’s track, but it feels like the sonic equivalent of taking painkillers and getting a little nauseous. I think they’re human after all, L posits … read more »

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Download Young L’s Enigma Theory Mixtape

Another week, another Young L mixtape. Considering the dude spends most of his time making beats that sound like they’ve been beamed from another planet, you’d think his mental reserve of weird sounds would have … read more »

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Download Kool A.D.’s 51 Mixtape

Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri and his Greedhead label have been cranking out consistent releases since DR’s first full-length, Relax. DR’s Victor Vazquez bka Kool A.D. is probably the most prolific member of the crew, a … read more »

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