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Download a Stormy Mix from Darkstar Ahead of Their US Tour

FADER PREMIERE Ahead of their US tour which kicks off at Moogfest at the end of the month, UK trio Darkstar have pulled together 30 minutes of sine waves, stormy signals and some of the … read more »

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Did Zomby Punch Hudson Mohawke?

Rarely do Twitter feuds stem from IRL scuffles but such was the case last night after UK producers Zomby and Hudson Mohawke met during an event at London’s XOYO. If his Twitter is to be … read more »

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Stream: Zomby, “Soliloquy”

In June, Zomby will release a two-part, 33-track LP, titled With Love. “Soliloquy” is a formal first taste of that project. Hear it below via Dazed, along with prior teaser “W I T H L … read more »

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Stream: Zomby, “W I T H L O V E”

If Zomby’s often exasperating, often hilarious Twitter feed is to be believed, it takes him very little time to make songs. If that’s the case, and we don’t see why it couldn’t be, he certainly … read more »

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CMJourneyz Day 2: METZ, Mykki Blanco, ForteBowie, Zomby

We didn’t have enough pull to get our interns their own bunk-bed suite at Barclays Center, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with badges! While we’re holding it down at the … read more »

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Zomby, “Devils” MP3

Sometimes it feels likeZomby casually throws songs out into the world just to prove that he can. At this point, the dude is known for his, um, internet presence as much as he is for … read more »

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Hear Two New Zomby Tracks, “Digital Seance” and “808″

Released overnight on his YouTube account, “Digital Seance” is a new and brief grime instrumental from Zomby. Between blasts of airhorn and muddy, overblown bass, Zomby’s thrown in a bubbling sound, borrowed from Wiley’s “Ice … read more »

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Stream Zomby’s Album Nothing

As much as we all love reading Zomby brag on Twitter about being the first person to do everything ever, it’s a lot more fun to listen to his music. Dedication, his project from earlier … read more »

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Korallreven’s Ra Ra Rave On Mix MP3

Korallreven’s made their Ra Ra Rave On mixtape for Self-titled magazine. According to Marcus Joons, the mix was made with ’90s UK rave music in mind. “We simply tried to blend some of our favorites … read more »

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Stream: Zomby, “Labyrinth”

Yesterday prolific Twitter user Zomby wrote, unprompted (and we’re adding the punctuation): “Why so many tunes? Why varying styles? Why varying lengths? Is this a EP? LP? Album? CD? Does it have wi-fi or USB? … read more »

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