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What’s With Wale Rapping So Good?

February 12, 2008

We mean, he's a rapper, but he's also a guy. What is the deal? And now imagine that farty Seinfeld song. One of our favorite dudes in the universe has a new mixtape coming out soon called The mixtape about nothing, and his name's Wale, and it totally references Seinfeld which made us go deep into Seinfeld YouTubes BUT ANYWAY. As a teaser we're posting Wale's "Chicago Falcon" remix (produced by Mark Ronson and DJ Eli) in which he raps about Seinfeld. Also go see Bee Movie. Shit is fire.

Download: Wale, "Chicago Falcon (remix)"

Posted: February 12, 2008
What’s With Wale Rapping So Good?