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Freeload: The War On Drugs, “Buenos Aires Beach”

March 18, 2008

When we first heard The War on Drugs we were like Oh shit this sounds like Bruce Springsteen and then we did an air drum solo and had a dream about Clarence Clemons shredding on the sax (can you shred on the sax?) So basically, yeah, they jam. "Buenos Aires Beach," up for download from our dudes at RCRD LBL is a little different from some of their other stuff—more subdued and Dylanesque and giving us futuristic visions of when we will own all 26 The War on Drugs LPs and we will sit on the floor next to our record player, wearing lambswool and thinking about Christmas. There's a lot of thinking and dreaming in this post, but that's what The War on Drugs is doing to us.

Download: The War On Drugs, "Buenos Aires Beach"

Posted: March 18, 2008
Freeload: The War On Drugs, “Buenos Aires Beach”