Live: Boredoms In New York City

March 31, 2008

In this 2004 review of an Electrelane concert, Kelefa Sanneh said “More often than not, the pleasure of going to a rock show is the pleasure of demystification. You can watch how the music is made, remembering that what seems so indivisible on CD is really just an assemblage of sounds and gestures, poses and outbursts, cues and miscues. At the end you may feel as if you've learned something about the way this band works.” Click more to see what we learned about Boredoms and ourselves last night at Terminal 5 in New York City:

Yoshimi sweats from her forehead, but it doesn’t bother her much. She drinks water in big chugs.

Yoshimi has clothes that she either made or bought in Japan. They are pretty and look like she could wear them to the beach.

Yoshimi doesn’t wear shoes when she plays, but her shoes are silver.
Boredoms have children who watch them play, but have to go to sleep before they finish.

Eye’s hair is disgusting and looks like tree roots and tiny old wires.

Eye has a broken foot or ankle.

People who like Boredoms like to open their mouths or clasp their hands.

Many words in Japanese either sound like “sun” or we just hear what we want to hear.

Mueomi Senju doesn’t use a Mac, and he runs Windows. It crashed while he was playing.

Yoshimi probably listened to Jimmy Smith at some point in her life.

Mueomi Senju has peachfuzz sideburns.

Yojiro plays with jazz hands (he was furthest away from us, we learned least about him).

Boredoms practice a lot.

Boredoms don’t let you take pictures when they play.

Yoshimi releases the snares on her snare often; it sounds better that way.

Eye breaks a lot of strings.

Boredoms’ soundman smiles the most of anyone in Boredoms.

Eye wears a Boredoms shirt.

Here is what we learned about ourselves:

Our shoes are possibly equally as nice as Yoshimi’s, which feels good to know.

It feels good to see Boredoms on Sunday night.

After Boredoms, when a taxi driver wants to make small talk and you usually want to make small talk back, you don’t want to.

We don’t want to smoke weed or drink beer when Boredoms play because it feels kinder and gentler that way. We know how corny that sounds and are okay with it.

Seeing Boredoms is a moment that feels as good as most things. If we ranked things that have felt the best, Boredoms would be there.

We are jealous of the sweater of the NY Times photographer shooting Boredoms.

Posted: March 31, 2008
Live: Boredoms In New York City