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Live: No Age And High Places At Bowery Ballroom

May 07, 2008

Last night Schnipper and his friend went to see No Age and High Places at Bowery Ballroom. it was fun! Gchat interview about the show between Schnipper and J after the jump.

me: Hey

j: hi

me: So you wanna do this still

j: sure if you think anyone cares what i say about it

me: Yes I think they do

What did you think about High Places?

j: i think they are pretty good but im not into the vocals

me: Really? I like them. I thought everything sounded really clean and clear which was cool. Hearing her voice sort of makes it sound like some fifties r and b with shakers and electronic drums

She was definitely singing about slugs doing "hermaphroditic things"

j: hmm i just think her vocals are kinda folky in a bad way

me: Bummer

Did you think that when you saw them the other time too?

j: no because i couldn't really hear them

i wonder if the dude can sing

also they should think about having someone else sing. if the vocals were really beautiful i think it would add a lot

me: Yeah but I don't want them to be perfect either

j: i dont think there is any danger of that

me: Not to be all corny lofi dude who has said the same thing everyone who thinks independent music is all precious and special but yeah sometimes it's chill when it's not exact

Ok booyah

So No Age this was your first time seeing them right?

j: maybe

me: How did it compare to Wives who you saw a few times?

j: it's better


no um it's like they are in a much better mood now and you can hear it

me: Yeah it's totally good mood music

As you could tell by a lot of really young folks crowdsurfing
and stage diving. All that stage diving was weird, especially that one kid who just jumped in and did a spin and landed on his feet

j: if you can call it that

brian boitano

me: Double axel

What's the best you can get in figure skating? Six? He got like a 2.3

j: a few of the songs i was wishing went a little longer before the drums came in like bamabamabamabama

i don't know shit about figure skating

me: It was intense when he was singing and crowd surfing without playing drums though and people were feeling all emotional

I like how he plays drums because he hits really hard and it looks like he is playing really wrong

but it sounds rad

j: yeah i like it too just not on every single song

me: I also like all the tambourine

The new record has a little bit more sheen to it

j: i think tambourine is always a good idea

me: They need an egg shaker

j: i guess im thinking the structure to all the songs i hear seemed the same
remember when the lady in high places was singing about yinyangs and slugs
me: it's like classical music, the entire show was just a "movement" and no age are composers

i was talking about the slugs up there but you werent paying attention

you cant blame this on not hearing because you are tall either

gchat doesn't care if your ears are up high

j: haha i didn't hear you say anything about the slugs

me: whatever it's cool

j: i think if that warbly acapella part didn't exist i would have like high places better

me: yeah that was kind of an intense lead it but i like it it's like a soundtrack to that bbc earth show

i think you would like the records better than live

j: i liked them better last time

me: ive seen them a bunch and this was the most different they have sounded. they have an album coming out I wonder if it will have the more forward vocals and cleaner drummy percussion things or if it'll be more jumble

i am stoked to hear it either way

j: yeah i would be into hearing it

i liked no age too i just would like to hear more of what randy can do

me: yeah. i think it's more a live dynamic that makes the drums a heavy focal part

its funny to hear all the mystery sounds and then you look and dude isn't even playing his guitar

it would be hard and weird to be in a band

j: haha

not hard

maybe weird

me: i wonder if they feel like they have all these expectations to jam super hard and be real positive and make kids mosh and they are just like Hey we wanna play mellow riffs

j: i think they can do both

you were in a and for 30 seconds was it weird and hard?

me: oh shit i forgot

yeah because i was playing an instrument i was taking introductory lessons in at college

playing music isnt really fun but i guess i dont really like anything that much

j: you like shirts and cookies
me: no age made sunglasses, maybe they should make cookies

anything else you wanna talk about about the show last night

j: im kinda hung up on the crowd surfing

me: how

j: i can't believe it was happening

it was like 15 people decided to crowd surf so the took turns carrying each other around

me: like a weird funeral procession

wow that sounds mad morbid

j: haha it was more like they were holding a big backpack over their head while crossing a river

me: haha yeah it was

j: everybody was taking turns being the backpack

me: that sounds sad

j: why does everything sound sad to you

that sounds fun

Live: No Age And High Places At Bowery Ballroom