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Freeload: Kid Cudi f. Wale, “Is There Any Love”

July 01, 2008

Sometimes it's fun to imagine that FADER brings artists together. Maybe after our D'Angelo/Beck cover D'Angelo has secretly been spending all his time in the lab with Beck or maybe after the America issue Beanie Sigel and Conor Oberst hit it off and are making the saddest album ever. We didn't say our mindgarden collab ideas would always be flawless. Sometimes though, FADER artists getting together does work and actually makes sense, like this song from Kid Cudi's seemingly forthcoming since forever mixtape A Kid Named Cudi featuring Wale, who you may have heard of about nine million times since we featured him in F44. We are all about artists making good decisions.

Download: Kid Cudi f. Wale, "Is There Any Love"

Posted: July 01, 2008
Freeload: Kid Cudi f. Wale, “Is There Any Love”