Live: Fucked Up For Twelve Hours

October 14, 2008

Today we headed over to the Rogan Store for the first couple hours of Fucked Up's 12-hour marathon show, and discovered what 12-hour shows are made of: horror stories about MTV Canada, spooning with Pink Eyes and Mind Eraser, Colt 45, band members leaving the stage and audience members picking up the slack, and back hair. Good times, good times. But 12 hours of good times? Even the benderiest of benderers among us were intimidated. Fucked Up seemed skeptical too: "This is either the best idea or the stupidest idea we've ever had."

We polled 12 random people at the show about their plans for the day.

Are you staying the whole time?

3 Maybe's

4 No's

3 Yes's (One leaving to get pizza, but leaving for a bit to get pizza is totally legit).

1 I wish!

Reasons for staying the entire time:

2 Free beer ("as much as humanly possible")

1 Writing a review

1 "Because I love to PARTY"

Reasons for leaving:

2 Work-related ("HOWEVER I STINK OF BEER.")

1 Other parties

1 Too long

1 Because.

Reasons for wishing to stay the entire 12 hours:

1 "Because we're on holiday and this is what NYC is about."

The whole event is going to 2am, so if you're in New York, head over there and call us if REM shows up.

Posted: October 14, 2008
Live: Fucked Up For Twelve Hours