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Audio: Dr Dog, “The Old Days”

May 30, 2008

When we saw our old faves Dr Dog at Mercury Lounge a few weeks ago, two things became evident: 1) They are in the process of becoming one of the best live rock bands on Earth. 2) Their new songs sound really different. Usually that would mean we're going to need some time to adjust and decide whether or not we should go on talking about that band's old albums or trumpet their new stuff as if it were the antidote to every bad mood we're going to have in the next year. In the case of Fate, we're going to lean on it, because every new song they played was wilder, thicker, more willing to chop up the jam into smaller jam particles that smash into each other to create a wormhole directly to the best summer of your life. The first leaked song off Fate, "The Old Days", is a pretty good indicator of that, although, as usual, recorded Dog is much less about sweating through oxfords than live Dog. Recorded Dog is maybe about rolling up your oxford sleeves and chewing on grass. Or like the guy we saw in the park recently who flew a kite with a literally mile-and-a-half long string and when people would stop to look he'd just tell them not to buy a kite at a stupid kite store but buy a handmade kite. If handmade means your kite can touch the sun, then yeah, we will fuck with that, just like we fuck with Dr Dog, because it just feels like somebody really put some effort into it and not to sell it to us but because it's just better.

Stream Dr Dog's "The Old Days" from Fate here. And check them on tour the rest of the summer.

Posted: May 30, 2008
Audio: Dr Dog, “The Old Days”