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Freeload: Bradford Cox Makes Record Nerds Cry

March 31, 2009

Because we are nerds we got kind of bummed out when we realized Bradford Cox was going to release a bunch of free Atlas Sound digital 7-inches on his blog. We want to hold the record in our hands after paying too much money for it! We want it to be limited to like 12 silkscreened copies! Actually, in the grand scheme of things, this is a great move. Free music on the internet is a given, but he's gone the extra mile by including cover art and a lyrics sheet. The two songs on this "record" are an interesting direction for Atlas Sound, doing away with much of the murk of the album in favor of crisp melody and more upbeat tempo. Normally this is the part where we say something about an upcoming Atlas Sound album, but instead we'll just recommend that you keep checking the Deerhunter blog for more.

Download: Atlas Sound Virtual 7-inch

Posted: March 31, 2009
Freeload: Bradford Cox Makes Record Nerds Cry