Dam Funk, “Toeachizown” MP3

July 08, 2009

From Stones Throw:

Dam-Funk is currently putting finishing touches on his debut album Toeachizown which will be released this Fall as 5/LP set - two and a half hours of music - with CD version to follow.

Uh, dudes. Where are we going to get the money to buy enough weed for FIVE DAM FUNK LP'S? Only Stones Throw would think of something so outlandish yet so incredibly gratifying as to release this much of Dam's music over the course of the summer and early fall. Some other guys will be lucky enough to get early-party spins by this weekend, while Dam clearly sees the entire season as a neverending celebration that needs constant mellow synth-funk. And weed. Lots and lots of weed. Buy Toeachizown Vol. 1: LAtrik for $6.93 and grab a lo-fi mp3 of one of its songs below. Dam will be on a West Coast tour in late-July, early-August before joining Animal Collective in the band shell at Prospect Park in Brooklyn on August 14th and 15th.

Download: Dam Funk, "Toeachizown"

Dam Funk, “Toeachizown” MP3