The FADER Issue 64 Podcast MP3

Photographer Jason Nocito
October 06, 2009

For our annual photo special, we focused our sights on issues in contemporary America through the stunning domestic and landscape photographs of Peter van Agtmael and Victoria Sambunaris. And who better to reflect the state of the States than Bon Iver, who's attained cult fame worldwide but prefers to live in the sleepy Wisconsin town of Eau Claire, and Dam-Funk, who resides in middle class South Central Los Angeles but whose music inspires funk utopias. Hence the roster of our latest issue podcast, including Family Band, Volcano Choir, Dam-Funk, Neon Indian, Kyle Hall, Warpaint and Kurt Vile, represents all corners of the USA's urban decay and rural ramshackleness—with the exception of Fuck Buttons, whose new album is so galactic we think they might be ambassadors from another universe. Download the whole shebang below, and don't forget to permanently blogline us since we'll soon be dropping the entire issue on you in pdf form, for free—because in the immortal words of George Michael, you've got to give what you taaaaake.

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Family Band, "No Sound"
Volcano Choir, "Island, IS"
Dam-Funk, "Mirrors"
Neon Indian, "Terminally Chill"
Fuck Buttons, "Surf Solar" (7-inch Edit)
Kyle Hall, "I Love Dr. Girlfriend"
Warpaint, "Elephants"
Kurt Vile, "Hunchback"

*mixed by Erez Avissar

The FADER Issue 64 Podcast MP3