Citinite x Luckyme Mix du Funk

October 08, 2009

We're obsessed with London-based label Citinite, both for their roster of futuristic electronic funkyshit (Sweat.X, Gosub, Rozzi Daime) and the warpspeed space of their cover art, all crafted by label owner Manuel Sepulveda, who we interviewed in FADER #63. Clearly we have a mindmeld going on with them, because their next party with LuckyMe features our latest coverstar Dam-Funk, along with Rustie, Jimmy Edgar and Gosub. Manuel made this dope mix to portend what Citinite may have in its future and to get us ramped up for the show we can't go to (sorry dudes we'll be in New York), but if you're in London, prepare to be rocked by deep crevices of synth bass and people who can possibly dance better than anyone. Further evidence we are sharing the same spiritual plane: he included Lil Kenny in the first five minutes, our biggest obsession right after Sweat.X's Spoek Mathambo. Wild! Jump the jump for tracklist and flyer.

Download: Citinite x Luckyme Funk Mix

*The Broadcast – Gosub

*Hot Sex, Hot Love (demo) – Lil’ Kenny

Milk – Robert O’Dell

*Dirty Illusions – Rozzi Daime

*(untitled instrumental) – Michael Fakesch

(I Need A) Modernaire Lover – Complexxion

*The Last Time I Saw You – Gosub

Electro-? – John Davis

Modernaire – Hot Persuasion feat. Egyptian Lover

*Mirage – AD Bourke

*Hot, Raw, Sex – Jimmy Edgar

Interstella – Sweat.X

I’m That Alley – Sweat.X remixed by Mike Slott

*You’ll Understand – Markus Wormstorm

*Hang Glyde – Mynk Rychardz

( Tracks marked * are unreleased exclusives )

Citinite x Luckyme Mix du Funk