Jubilee, BQE Mix

May 27, 2010

One of the things we most like about Jubilee as a DJ is that she knows her way the hell around the bass, something that certainly stems from her Florida upbringing (weaned on the booty boom). Her BQE mix (named after the beloved-hated Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) is a wobbling example of her confidence—though it traverses styles like Bmore club, trunk thumping Brit bass, "Watagatapitusberry" and dip-heavy vogue anthems (hello, DJ Mike Q), it's all held together by her subtle feel for the low end, never trite or predictable. That said, this mix is SERIOUS, with like 14 different gargantuan paths and climaxes, but it also depresses us because it signals her month-long departure for Europe (tour dates and tracklist after the jump). We'll just play it a lot in our bathroom with no windows, flip the light switch on and off and try to sweat a lot, pretending we're at one of her frequent NY DJ sets.

Download: Jubilee's BQE Mix (via Flashing Lights Lights Lights)


1. Nina Dioz - Boom Bap (Rob Threezy Remix)
2. Diamond K & Al Ripken Jr - Hands in the Air (Bok Bok Remix)
3. Blondes - Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)
4. Dj Mike Q - Let it All Out
5. Girl Unit - IRL (French Fries Remix)
6. DVA - Ganja
7. Lil Silva - Night Skanker
8. Sunny Beach Happy Slap Madri Gras - Mamacita (Bambounou Remix)
9. NGUZUNGUZU - El Bebe Ambiente
10.The Boogaloo Crew - Nice Up The Function
11. Black Point f. Sensato Del Patio - Watagatapitusberry (Toy Selectah Mexmore Remix)
12. LOL Boys - 123


28 Berlin - Magnet
29 Munich - Erste Liga

4 Madrid - Stardust
5 Barcelona - Razzmatazz
9 Berlin - Nightshifters Party @ Jackie Terasse
10 London w Night Slugs Crew
16 Berlin - Magnet
17 Paris - Paris Social Club
18 Oslo - Juicy
24 Liegue - Forma.T
26 Tübingen - Crowd Crushers

Jubilee, BQE Mix