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Ms. Porsh, “Buck That Bitch (Rizzla’s Cunty Refix)” MP3

June 09, 2010

The only way this refix of this stuttering club song could get any better is if someone screamed "Banjee nationnnnnnnnn!" at the end. New York club chick Ms. Porsh sings and raps on other types of tracks but is clearly born to voice Bmore. As for Rizzla, his signature Cunty refixes are things of beauty—his other Leyomi-dip anthems include Chelley's "Took the Night" and Major Lazer's "Feel the Bassline," but this might be our fave so far, if only for the '90s Limelight club nature of his edit. Above is Ms. Porsh's prom photo from last year. We won't presume to know if she had any vogue battles there, but here's to hoping.

Buck That Bxtch (Rizzla's Cunty Refix) -NEW VERSION- by rizzla_dj

(via Rizzla)

Ms. Porsh, “Buck That Bitch (Rizzla’s Cunty Refix)” MP3