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[Sponsored Content] Band of Ballers Artist Profile: Black Lips

June 10, 2010

Self-proclaimed "flower punk" band Black Lips formed in nearby Dunwoody after splitting from their respective bands. Since then, they've become notorious for their on-stage antics: making out with each other and/or urinating on each other. Often lost in the shuffle, though, is their impressively varied catalog of jams they've released over six studio albums that range from straightforward punk to classic rock to psychedelic country.

With the larger successes of their more recent albums, their antics have died down and an emphasis has been placed on musicianship and live sets. But the band's goofiness and general disregard for normalcy can't help but precede them—still peeking through in their sloppy riffs and interesting song structures. On 200 Million Thousand's "Drop I Hold" they kick things off with a sample of a Jonestown Massacre audio tape before launching into three minutes of blunted half-sung spoken word. They pretty much went for it, and it pretty much worked.

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[Sponsored Content] Band of Ballers Artist Profile: Black Lips