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Korallreven, “The Truest Faith” (CFCF Remix) & “Loved Up” (LOLboys Remix) MP3s

Photographer Kitra Cahana
July 08, 2010

As with most CFCF remixes, he hypnotizes with repetition and then slides graceful beauty in the second we stop paying attention. Basically, he's good at subtle shifts in mood while keeping a constant dance beat. Meanwhile, LOLboys (that name), go the more textured route, pitching bass up and down over stuttered drums and occasional chime jangle. We will be playing both of these at our '90s lounge club where everyone sits in egg shaped chairs that hang from the ceiling. We mean that in the best way. Korallreven's physical 7-inch is now sold out, so get the digital EP (including these remixes, among others) instead.

Download: The Truest Faith" (CFCF Remix)

Download: "Loved Up" (LOLboys Remix)

Korallreven, “The Truest Faith” (CFCF Remix) & “Loved Up” (LOLboys Remix) MP3s