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New No Age from New Album! “Glitter” and “Inflorescence”

Photographer Tierney Gearon
August 10, 2010

Good ol' Dean and Randy, better known as No Age, have a new album coming out called Everything In Between on September 28th. We have heard it, and it jams. What else can we say at this point? These dudes have been in the pages and on the cover of The FADER and on the internet of many, many times since the very first day they existed. We love them. We love this. If we started a side-project zine or tumblr it would just be pictures of Dean and Randy eating stuff and hanging out and our poems about how great they are. Download the a-side of their new "Glitter" single below and stream the b-side of its 7-inch version below. Then sit back and wait for the magnificent No Age sweatshirts we just made on while typing this.

No Age - Glitter by subpop

No Age - Inflorescence by subpop

New No Age from New Album! “Glitter” and “Inflorescence”