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Video: No Age’s “Life Prowler” Trailer

August 31, 2010

They've already dropped a few crumbs from the forthcoming Everything In Between, but apparently No Age just now decided that releasing whole songs from the album wasn't nearly coy enough, so here's a trailer for the album's opening track, "Life Prowler." You get to hear a little over a minute of the song while watching a guy manually inflate the full-body latex gimp suit he's wearing. You're welcome. Seriously, though, all signs thus far point to this album being pretty great. Remember all those half-lazy/ half-right pieces last year about Brooklyn music having a banner year because Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors all put out really popular albums? It seems like we can't be far away from a slew of really similar write-ups about Smell bands. And rightfully so. But this isn't one of those pieces. This is different. This is now a commentary on other music commentary, not the bands themselves. So just act accordingly, we guess.

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Posted: August 31, 2010
Video: No Age’s “Life Prowler” Trailer