Ghetto Palms 116: Tifa / Spragga / Vegas / Ital Stew Riddim

Photographer Martei Korley
September 30, 2010

OK. Back from India. Feeling good. Jetlag is receding and dancehall is frisking about like it’s about to be on the upswing again, what with the Jim Screechie, Flatlands and now this Ital Stew joint which I can’t get out of my head. I gave it a teaser of sorts on the crime fiction blend, which started off with Vegas’ “Boy Shorts”—the biggest tune on the beat so far. But now the full riddim run is out featuring Tifa and a boy/girl shorts combo version with Teairra Mari and a bunch more tunes—DJ Black Spyda did the official promo mix that’s floating about the cybernet but thanks to Raine PR (thanks, Ms. Raine) I got my hands on the individual tunes to do my own Ghetto Palms blend for your enjoyment:

Vegas f. Teairra Mari, “Boy Shorts” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Mia Stoosh, “He Don’t Want You” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Tifa, “Sticky Sticky” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Rayvon, “You Look Good” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Spragga Benz, “Money Yu Want” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Savage, “Mi Nah” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)
Vegas, “Boy Shorts” (Ital Stew/Jah Snowcone)

Download: GP116 Ital Stew Blend

Vegas still owns it, and “Boy Shorts” might be my fave Vegas tune at least since “Taxi Fare,” which is why I ran it back twice to include both versions. But Tifa is tough as always and Vegas’ '90s throwback schoolies Rayvon and especially Spragga “mucha dinera” Benz both stand head and shoulders above most current dancehall. The Teairra Mari combo I think is supposed to nudge this into commercial radio territory, but since the evil genius behind the riddim (Jah Snowcone. Yes, that’s his real name) is best known for producing the Applause riddim aka Sean Paul’s last true smash hit “Temperature” it strikes me that there is only one obvious solution to the airplay problem: VEGAS AND SEAN PAUL COMBINATION.

Yes, I said it. If you read my Gen F on Vegas ca. “Hot Fuk” than you know that the  once-dynamic duo from “Hot Gal Today,” “Tiger Bone” and the Belly soundtrack have room-temperature beef dating back to the late '90s when SP broke out of the dancehall market and forgot to bring Vegas with him. But does anybody really care anymore? Dare we dream such a thing? Yes, I think it is time. The world is ready. This beat demands a crossover buss and even the mighty Sean Paul could use some back to basics dancehall ammo in his bandolier right about now. Are you listening Snowcone? I don’t even want any credit or anything I am just putting out there to the universe in the hope that good things will happen.

Either way, if fools keep turning out tracks like this I think the fall dancehall semester is gonna be a good one. As long as I keep this blend banging on the headphones not even September drizzle and the day/night reversal of Indian Standard Time can knock me out. Your jetlag can’t hold I! Can’t keep a good man down. Solid as a rock. I ain’t never zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Ghetto Palms 116: Tifa / Spragga / Vegas / Ital Stew Riddim