Tyler, the Creator, “Inside of Clouds Remix” + Odd Future NYC Show

Photographer Golf Wang
November 03, 2010

Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator is a vociferous proponent of N.E.R.D., so it's no surprise he's already remixed a song off their brand new album, Nothing. The original is quite possibly the closest anyone has come to making a song that sounds like Zoloft (what up flute melody), and Tyler appropriately mentions popping "purple Excedrin." He also creates the image of rain as "angels pissing on demons," which according to google is the first occurrence of that phrase, though the domain for www.pissingdemons.com is already taken. Maybe he can buy it with the label cash that is surely coming Odd Future's way anyday now.

Feel free to ask Tyler and his OFWGKTA fellows what else they plan to spend their riches on in person next Monday, November 8th, in New York, when they play a show The Studio at Webster Hall (flyer after the jump). Tickets are $5 online or $12 at the door, but we have a couple pairs to give away for nothing. All you have to do is email us at info@thefader.com with "SWAG" in the subject, your favorite OFWGKTA lyric and your contact info in the body. We'll pick winners by the end of the week.

Download: Tyler, the Creator, "Inside of Clouds (Remix)" (via Odd Future)

OFWGKTA New York flyer

Tyler, the Creator, “Inside of Clouds Remix” + Odd Future NYC Show