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Four Loko is Banned in NY Now + Fav Boozin Videos

November 15, 2010

In FADER #69, Sam Hockley Smith called Four Loko "the closest you can get to literally drinking a bad decision." Chuck Schumer and Frank Bruni are also not fans. The stance from the international gentleman camp, via Diplo, is murky:

The State Liquor Authority, however, is assuredly anti. Following bans in Washington, Michigan, Utah, and Oklahoma, starting November 19th the makers of Four Loko will permanently halt the flow of their camo-canned malt liquor plus caffeine juice to New York state. Shops can sell whatever back stock they're able to load up on before week's end, but anyone selling product sourced after that will be subject to fines. So, whichever Nutcracker chef can find a bulk deal on diet Red Bull first gets advantage on market share once the drought sets in. Or maybe just switch to Joose?

After the jump, peep our favorite Four Loko devoted track by Fese, plus three classic rap jingles for St. Ides Special Brew, another sick-sweet neon beverage that is without caffeine and therefore still officially permissible at your bodega.

Four Loko is Banned in NY Now + Fav Boozin Videos