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What is ‘Swag’ for Odd Future? + Video: Mr. G, “Swaggerific”

November 18, 2010

When some of the boys from Odd Future stopped by the FADER offices during their first trip out of LA, Tyler the Creator introduced himself as Steve, spilled a Red Bull on the table, and said SWAG about two hundred times. That did not come as a total surprise but it was also like WHAT KIND OF HABIT IS THIS? In OFWGKTA's raps, the word is sort of a structuring device, like the word "ha" on Juvenile's classic. Offstage, Tyler is enriching the urban dictionary synonym pool on swag daily:

It's swag when you masturbate so much you may have to use Viagra before you can legally buy a drink at the bar. And when your friends car plops so you get the heart health benefits of some midday cardio.

Mr. G is the ambassador of swag cross the water to the south. He used to be called Goofy. Some swag things in the video for his single on the Seanizzle One Day Riddim are a kiddo couple riding a tiny motorbike, white blazer professional realness, and wipeout-hard roller dancing. The bonus taste of "Beat Them Bad" at the end of the clip is if-Birdman-lost-a-few then got loose with some Diet Cokes and lager beers on Caribbean vacation swag.

(Via Dancehall.Mobi)

What is ‘Swag’ for Odd Future? + Video: Mr. G, “Swaggerific”