GP 125: Special Guest Selector Tasha Rozez / 2010 in Dub

Photographer Kathryn Gaitens
January 05, 2011

I wanted to do something special for this first Ghetto Palms of 2011. I’ve been rapping with Tasha “the wickedest lady DJ ‘pon the road” Rozez of Toronto’s Gunz n Rozez soundsystem about doing a guest blend for some weeks now. She has had a hell of a year (and not a bad decade) on the soundclash circuit— appearing at the infamous Re-Loaded and tearing down the set at Germany’s Global Shootout just a few weeks back, and since I wrote or contributed to one whole bag of Top 10 lists already, it seemed like a perfect excuse to forget the usual new year navel-gazing and have her do an all dub plate wrap up of 2010. If you’re like me, then murdering an idiot sound has a wonderful focusing effect upon the mind that is just the thing to ring the alarm and ring in the new. So without further preamble, here are 18 minutes of acetate madness. Tasha’s comment, after the jump.

Download: GP125: 2010 In Dub Blend

Etana, “Wrong Address” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Hopeton James, “I’m In The Mood” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Freddie McGregor, “Moaning” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Jahvinci, “True Love” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Pressure, “Love & Affection” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Duane Stephenson, “August Town“(Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Queen Ifrica, “Below The Waist” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Teflon, “Kill A Sound In The Morning” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Jahdan Blakkammoore, “All Comes Back To One” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Konshens “The Realest Song” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Gaza Slim “Dedicated” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Stephen Di Genius “Cyaa Fren Again” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Konshens “Winner” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Sizzla “Rise To The Occasion” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Mavado “Touch The Road” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Popcaan “Dream” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Demarco “Buss A Shot” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Bounty Killer “Lodge” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)
Matterhorn “Blackberry” (Gunz N Rozez dubplate)

Nuff respect to Eddie STATS, Ghetto Palms readers and the worldwide FADER family for the opportunity to bus’ a shot (or 19) of exclusives from Gunz N Rozez sound. It’s what we do and Gunz N Rozez is always glad to oblige! 2010 has had some particularly special moments – Global Shootout (Germany), Jamaica, Bahamas, Re-Loaded (Toronto) – but first up, a few Gunz N Rozez anthems you would have heard at a GnR dance, clash or just juggling.

Etana’s “Wrong Address” always reminds me that killing sound is something I am professionally qualified to do and no matter what year it might be, I take Hopeton James and Freddie McGregor with me. Really, if you must make somebody moan and cry, the original Big Ship’s “Moaning” does it best. Also on the Taxi Riddim, Jahvinci sounds so sweet on my “True Love” freestyle dub, it get nuff forward! Pressure, Duane Stephenson and Ifrica know how to take a nice tune and make it deadly. Pressure’s “Love And Affection” is perfect for Gunz N Rozez. Worldwide me say! A dub I never play (because I cut it special for Jamaica’s Fully Loaded) is “August Town” but I have to include it here. The way Duane takes a lovely song and turns it into a burial hymn still gives people shivers. “Below The Waist”: I don’t even have words for. Some bwoy fe understand seh, Ifrica a de boss, and dis one ya, Queen Ifrica just deal wid it wicked. Teflon’s “Kill A Sound In The Morning”, which I cut for a clash this month, stood out as one of my sweetest dubs in 2010.

Speaking of sounds so sweet, big up to Mr. Blakkamoore for the brand new “All Comes Back To One” exclusive. Yoooo, the dub madddd and sweet. Konshens has turned into a real dub specialist. I love the original of “The Realest Song” and the war dub flip is even better; it connects like bullets. Certain dubs say just what I was feeling this year. Gaza Slim “Dedicated,” “Cyan Friend Again” from Di Genius and Konshens’ “Winner” say what I wanted to say, but only better. I love dubs that reflect me, and Mavado’s “Touch The Road,” Popcaan’s “Dream” and Demarco’s “Buss A Shot” all do just that. “Rise To The Occasion” is one dub Gunz N Rozez can never play without - one of my timeless favorites. A classic killer, Bounty’s “Lodge” I got recently because it never gets old either (it's also my ringtone). And Mr. Multi-talented, Matterhorn, the real entertainer, concludes the mix with “Blackberry”. A special shout out to all the artists, producers and links who made the ammo possible. 2010 wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you. But watch out. Here comes 2011...
— Tasha Rozez

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GP 125: Special Guest Selector Tasha Rozez / 2010 in Dub