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What Will Bjork and Omar Souleyman’s Album Sound Like?

February 18, 2011

The kind voices on NPR have spent a lot of time discussing Omar Suleiman in the last month. He's the man Hosni Mubarak chose to serve as the Vice President of Egypt in January, and a member of the Armed Forces Supreme Council that took over when Mubarak stepped down last Friday. Still, every time we heard his name on Tell Me More we wondered, because we are the kind of people who skipped history class to listen to Bubba Sparxxx: What's the REAL Omar Souleyman up to? The answer is beyond what we could have hoped for. Souleyman will collaborate with Björk on a project to be released for download (and on vinyl and CD) sometime before the Mayan apocalypse begins at the beginning of next year. Both artists been making music well for more years than most ever do, embody the longevity afforded only to folks who are masters of both work-horse and show-pony modes. You can hear Souleyman commingling with kuduru from Angola and Mozambique plus Bollywood/Arabic pop songs laced with dancehall percussion in the Loosophone Blend Eddie Stats made for Ghetto Palms 117. Some favorite videos from both artists are after the jump—we pressed play on all of them at once, still have no idea how exactly these exceptional loners will blend. Big day for choubi! (Via Pitchfork)

From The Collection:

Ghetto Palms
What Will Bjork and Omar Souleyman’s Album Sound Like?