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Best Coast’s Daytrotter Session

April 04, 2011

The summer I moved to New York, it rained for almost the whole month of June. I biked about three miles to work every morning before 6am, dodging trash trucks, getting smothered by the fermented smell in their trail and too much glass in my tires. I was working hard to fall out of love with someone, once and for all. The new boys I met made me sad, I slept on an unfolded futon and I listened to a lot of Best Coast. It hit where it needed to because it sounded great, and it was a relief to hear someone whose experiences were maybe not so far from my own deliver the potential of their voice so generously. It's been almost two years since that summer, the same one that Best Coast appeared on the internet. Bob and Beth recorded this Daytrotter session during the fall that followed. The band has toured incessantly since then, played on television, become advocates for Gluten Free living and California drugs, all this distilled by brands like Urban Outfitters to sell a new look and a new way to be a girl to young America. It really hasn't, but it feels like it's been forever since 2009. These recordings still sound fresh and vital, so much that they're hard to listen to without worrying that my long ago love, case now closed, may start to hurt again.

Download: "Sun Was High (So Was I) (Daytrotter session)"

Download: Best Coast's Daytrotter Session

Best Coast’s Daytrotter Session