Daedelus f. Milosh, “Tailor Made (Sepalcure Remix)” MP3

April 07, 2011

BK post-future-grime-step whatever you wanna call it duo Sepalcure take L.A. dandy Daedelus' "Tailor Made" into serious swerve territory. Not that the intricate layers of the original don't groove — quite the opposite — but dudes here grab a few words and choice samples out of Daedulus' gazillion vocal stems and make a jam out of them. Another point down for the yank' team (faaar too many to go to catch up to those guys over the pond).

Download: Daedelus f. Milosh, "Tailor Made (Sepalcure Remix)"
Daedelus f. Milosh "Tailor Made (Sepalcure Remix)" by The FADER

Posted: April 07, 2011
Daedelus f. Milosh, “Tailor Made (Sepalcure Remix)” MP3