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Clams Casino Loves Unsanctioned “Gorilla” Video

April 25, 2011

A mysterious fan video for Clams Casino's "Gorilla" popped up on the internet this weekend, and it's pretty magical. I mean, literally—it's a heavily solarized live David Copperfield performance (probably from the early 90s). The weirdly pagan undertones of the entire feat somehow work perfectly with "Gorilla," which is equally magical and mysterious. We were even able to get the "official word" from Clams via email:

I had no idea about this video. I just saw it for the first time last night at like 10 o'clock—someone forwarded it to me. I was and still am completely confused by it, but, yes, I think it's awesome.

Even if it's unsanctioned, we can probably rest assured that the Clams-approved footage won't up and vanish (from the internet) before our very eyes.

Clams Casino Loves Unsanctioned “Gorilla” Video