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Com Truise, “Cathode Girls” MP3

May 03, 2011

Could probably come up with a lot of needlessly nostalgic enter-the-computer references for how Com Truise sounds, but those words would pale in comparison to these, from Ghostly's site announcing the July 5th release of Galactic Meld:

Haley envisioned Galactic Melt as a “sort of film score…from the mind,” chronicling the lift and death of Com Truise, the world’s first synthetic/robotic astronaut, from his creation and life on earth to his subsequent mission to a newly discovered galaxy called “Wave 1.” Eventually, Truise becomes one with his newfound cosmos, like Pinocchio becoming a real boy, but in the nether regions of imaginary space.

Download: Com Truise, "Cathode Girls"

Com Truise, “Cathode Girls” MP3