Video: Bill Callahan, “Riding for the Feeling”

May 11, 2011

Bill Callahan’s new video for "Riding for the Feeling" is charmingly low tech and strangely moving, which is also another way to characterize his music. It is, quite simply, an animation of a ski jumper flying above the mountain tops, but much like a driving sequence in an old film, where the same background scenery flashes by in a continuous loop while the actors sit motionless in a parked car, the jumper just lofts statically above a continuous loop panning a mountain range. Something in Callahan's voice is retrospective, like he's remembering what it was like to be above those mountains, soaring interminably, before having to come back to land. Thanks to the repeat button, we won't have to. Callahan's new album, Apocalypse, is out now on Drag City.

(via Vice)

Posted: May 11, 2011
Video: Bill Callahan, “Riding for the Feeling”