Ty Segall, “You Make the Sun Fry” MP3

May 19, 2011

San Francisco garage-rocker, Ty Segall takes a break from the fast, aggressive music he's known for with his new album Goodbye Bread (out June 21st on Drag City). It seems maybe all that California sun and farm-to-table food has compelled him to slooow down and make a clean, lyrically-minded album. The recently released track, "You Make the Sun Fry" may not be the spare, finger-picking ballad you'd expect from a Neil Young and Tom Waits-influenced record, but it's got an extended metaphor that would make Dylan proud.

Download: Ty Segall, "You Make the Sun Fry" MP3

01 Goodbye Bread
02 California Commercial
03 Comfortable Home (A True Story)
04 You Make the Sun Fry
05 I Can't Feel It
06 My Head Explodes
07 The Floor
08 Where Your Head Goes
09 I Am With You
10 Fine

Posted: May 19, 2011
Ty Segall, “You Make the Sun Fry” MP3