Interview: YC on “Racks”

May 31, 2011

This Memorial Day weekend, YC's underdog summer jam "Racks" was probably played more times, on more radio stations broadcasting to more sidewalk/lakeside barbecues than the Decatur native could have imagined when he recorded that song almost a year ago. We talked to him about how the track was born, its 13-minute remix and why he's not sick of performing it, yet.

How did “Racks” happen?
It was just a song that got recorded and blew up. It wasn’t like I tried to make a song to do that. I made it last August, and once it was made, it just blew up.

When could you tell it was becoming a big deal in Atlanta?
It’s hard to say. It was getting big in the clubs, then it got big on the radio. I don’t remember when, around October, I believe. The strip clubs love the song. Women tell me, “I make money when they play that song.”

Did you know Future before you grabbed him to rap on it?
Yeah. I knew him from around the way, childhood-wise. Some of my people know his people.

Have you heard the “Racks” remix that’s almost 13 minutes long? It has you and 16 other rappers on it.
They say it’s the world’s longest remix! I’m waiting on the Guinness book to call. But you won’t believe it, I haven’t even heard my remix all the way through yet.

Cause you don’t have any patience?
I been so busy! I gotta get somebody to play it for me, I haven’t even had time to play it till the end. I was trying to see if Wayne was gonna get on there. He ain’t got on it yet, but his remix might just pop up out the blue.

How old are you now?
Which age? I got two of them, 19 and 26.

The real one! What’s the fake one for?
19’s the fake one. Because everybody keeps swearing that I’m 19.

Now you’re on the road. Where have you been?
Out for the last couple months. In Detroit, Chicago, DC, Florida. Now I’m starting to go to the West Coast. I travel normally with about 15 people, but today the entourage is like 30.

Why so many?
We’re going to Miami to have a good time. I got shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I rented a yacht. I rented a big house, with the pool, the tennis court and everything. We got the jet skis, the boat docked in the back of the house.

How do you usually spend your days off?
I’m off for two days a week. On those days I try and go in the studio, so I’m never really off. In the next year I wanna get two or three more songs on the Billboard charts. I’m so tried of eating hamburgers. I haven’t had a home-cooked meal in about four months.

Are you sick of “Racks,” too?
Until the crowd and the fans stop moving to it, I won’t get tired of it. Cause even if I get tired of it, when I get onstage and start rapping and they go crazy, I’m not tired of it.

Interview: YC on “Racks”