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How to Dress Well’s Love Yourself Mix MP3

June 03, 2011

Went to the beach last weekend, and the whole drive back we listened to Sirius XM's The Heat, the R&B Hits channel. There were too many people in the car, and I was stuck sweating the backseat, but it was fine because The Heat had a commercial saying you could tweet song requests, so I busied myself begging them to play The-Dream. Needless to say, they didn't play shit, and instead, taunted me for hours with offbrand Radio Killa imitators cooing fake ellas and not nailing falsetto. Fast forward to early this morning, when How to Dress Well tweet-released this Love Yourself mix and, like any self-respecting self-care advocate, dropped a fuzzy edit of The-Dream's "Mr. Yeah" as the first track. The whole mix is brilliant. Ugh, my heart is overflowing.

Download: How to Dress Well's Love Yourself Mix (via abeano)

The-Dream, "Mr. Yeah"
Mariah Carey, "Angel"
Stevie Nicks, "Wild Heart"
Mariah Carey, "Underneath the Stars"
Holy Other, "Feel Something"
Mountain Man, "Mouthwings"
Seany Mac, "One of Those Days (Organ Mix)"
Hi Five, "She's Playing Hard to Get"

How to Dress Well’s Love Yourself Mix MP3