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Photos: On Tour with Light Asylum

June 07, 2011

Light Asylum are famously mighty live, sometimes Herculean and sometimes super dark, but always beaming so much power from Shannon Funchess' vocal chords and Bruno Coviello's keys. And they've built themselves up largely on that strength. They've finally signed to Mexican Summer and promise to put out a proper LP, but for a long time were without a record label and only had a handful of MP3s available. Photographer Christelle de Castro was lucky enough to follow them on their recent American tour and it turns out, no matter how colossal on stage, touring always means sleeping on pull-out couches and stopping for fast food. Click through for more pictures and check out de Castro’s full photo diary.

Christelle explains the Light Asylum experience:

In 2009, I saw Light Asylum play one of their first shows at Glasslands. Like anyone whose experienced them live, my mind was immediately blown. It felt like they reached into my skull and fuct it, truly. Their power on stage was like nothing I had ever seen or heard before. Then I asked them to play a set at my birthday party. It was apparent that Shannon and Bruno combined equaled some extraterrestrial, unexplainable shit. And that's why they've rattled heads across the US and throughout Europe since. Their music and friendship has been a giant source of inspiration for me, so it didn't take long before we began entertaining the idea of hitting the road together. Two years later, the universe finally had our schedules perfectly aligned. Our first stop was DC, then along with homie Zeljko Mcmullen, we plowed through the West Coast. The result - a photo diary of my most favorite tour yet.

Photos: On Tour with Light Asylum