Noah Wall’s Pocono Yoga Murder Mystery Mixtape MP3

September 12, 2011

Every year growing up I played in a hockey tournament in the Poconos, a region of northeastern Pennsylvania with some small mountains. One time we went snowboarding on an off day, and I'm riding the very first trip up the lift looking down at this kid crumpled on the slope, realizing that it's our first string goalie and he's crashed into a concussion 20 minutes into the day, god bless him. Ten years later, enter Brooklyn's Noah Wall, whose Pocono Yoga Murder Mystery Mixtape taps into the same wooded darkness that tripped our star player up. Blending 14 songs in 17 minutes, ranging from Mark McGuire's psychedelic strumming to Doc & Merle Watson's Folkways bluegrass to The Caretaker's vinyl-crackling dark ambient, Wall soundtracks the exhausted, David Lynch-directed hotel bed nightmare you always wish you had.

Download: Noah Wall's Pocono Yoga Murder Mystery Mixtape

And as a bonus, here's Wall's newest album Hèloïse, released this month on Knoxville, TN label Dracula Horse, streaming in its just-as-haunted, secretly elegant entirety below.

Stream: Noah Wall's Hèloïse LP

Noah Wall’s Pocono Yoga Murder Mystery Mixtape MP3