Paul White’s FADER Mix MP3

September 29, 2011

The first thing you need to know about this mix is that it is 34 tracks long. The second thing you need to know is that it is done by Paul White, who seems to be a master at creating fuzzed out weirdness that rappers like Danny Brown are totally comfortable jumping on. This mix, while featuring a whole lot of originals from White, also gives a good window into what he's stoked on. It's no surprise that a lot of it has a similar layered and baked (in a stony way) vibe. Tame Impala’s "Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind" pops up here as well, proving that it's a lasting staple for everyone from rappers in Huntsville to bedroom psych blazers like White. Paul White's Rapping with Paul White is out right now.

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1. Paul White - No Love To Go Round
2. Paul White - Hurry
3. Paul White - Watch The Ants
4. Hi There Interlude
5. Clifford Coulter - Mr. Peabody
5. The United States Of America - The American Metaphysical Circus
6. Keith Hudson - Hunting
7. Urszula Dudziak - Cuckoo's Nest
8. Paul White - I Saw A World Interlude
9. Tame Impala - Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
10. Leon Ware - What's Your World
11. The Violet Flame - The Violet Flame
12. Toure Kunda - Salya/Sambala
13. Greek Unknown
14. Second Passport - Get Yourself A Second Passport
15. Paul White - Way Past Midnight
16. Eurythmics - I Did It Just The Same
17. Paul White - Intimate Loving
18. Paul White - What Does It Mean To Love Interlude
19. Paul White ft. Tranqill - Rotten Apples (Remix)
20. Paul White ft. Marv Won - Run Shit (Remix)
21. Roots Radics - Cool In Dub
22. Keith Hudson - My Nocturne
23. Bruce Gilbert - Hommage
24. Billy Cobham - Heather
25. Paul White - Thirty Days
26. Paul White - Midnight Tappin'
27. Todd Rundgren - Zen Archer
28. Art Blakey And "Philly" Joe Jones - "Philly" Joe Jones Solo/Art Blakey's Solo
29. Pies Between My Elbows Interlude
30. Honey Bane - Guilty Dub
31. What's That Funny Smell?
32. Paul White - Out Of My Mind Tonight
33. The United States Of America - Coming Down
34. Frank Zappa Outro

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Paul White’s FADER Mix MP3