Itemized: Courtshop Jeans

November 08, 2011

Every week a different FADER staff member will pick a clothing item or accessory that he or she has lately been spending a lot of time with—or would like to—and write a little love letter to it. We would’ve done a column on who we’re dating but that seemed a little bit much. This week Deidre Dyer talks about Courtshop Jeans.

Shopping for jeans is often the opposite of a good time. More than any other article of clothing, jeans force you to face the logistical realities of your body. In other words, shapely females that want well-fitting jeans are better off shopping for leggings. I am five foot three inches, I have the calves of a runner and a big butt. Finding jeans that work well for all of my proportional needs are rare. (Naomi is as tall as me, a fan of leggings and allergic to low waists. Her USA-blue Court jeans, pictured above at right, are her first not-black denim purchase since since middle school.) Thankfully, much has taken place in denim technology since 2004 when Oprah sashayed onto her stage rocking Apple Bottom Jeans with embroidered pockets and a blinged out label. With Courtshop's High Waist Relaxed Jeans I've found basic looking jeans that fit extraordinarily well. They are high-waisted, dark-denim beauties that don't squeeze my midsection to nausea and don't hug my calves like Lil Wayne’s jeggings. They fly gracefully under the radar —no crazy color-washes or whisker dye effects that call too much attention to the wrong places. They quietly celebrate, rather than diminish, curvy and petite frames.

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Itemized: Courtshop Jeans