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Teen Daze, “Winter Sun” MP3

November 11, 2011

Teen Daze has started a record label called Cultus Vibes (probably referencing the Cultus Lake he named a track after on his Tour EP). Early next month, as a digital Christmas present to the electronica lovers of the world, it will release a free compilation with a very familial title, Cultus Vibes: Together. Teen Daze's contribution to that family album is "Winter Sun," a track that starts silent and never really goes crazy. Synths appear out of the ether and we get a reliable pump of a beat going; it's like a roller coaster made of glass. At moments on that ride, "Winter Sun" can feel emotionally distant—it doesn't feature the vocals we've come to treasure. That's not to say it still doesn't make us want to hop in our mom's blue Volvo and drive up to Teen Daze's house in British Columbia to get away from it all. Cultus Vibes: Together is out, digitally and for free, December 6.

Download: Teen Daze, "Winter Sun"

Posted: November 11, 2011
Teen Daze, “Winter Sun” MP3