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Stream: Nite Jewel, “One Second of Love”

December 06, 2011

Could Nite Jewel’s Ramona Gonzalez be wearing a more perfect top on the cover art for her forthcoming album One Second of Love? That sheer-sleeved, sweetheart neckline (not to mention that big, updated side part!) says so much about the sounds she's mining on this track. We've always been able to rely on her synthy, dance interpretations, but "One Second of Love" feels almost undistilled. Like it's a sharper and crisper version of a late ’80s jam we never knew. The album is out March 6th on Secretly Canadian.

Stream: Nite Jewel, "One Second of Love"

Posted: December 06, 2011
Stream: Nite Jewel, “One Second of Love”