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Video: Sasha Gohard, “Why They Madd”

May 09, 2012

Chicago rapper Sasha Gohard's entire persona seems built around the idea that she could, if she wanted to, win pretty much any argument. One of her breakout singles had a line that perfectly captured how she gets inside an opponent's head: He broke your heart where it hurt, now you feel like dirt. "Why They Madd" is a continuation of this theme, a song dripping with such barely-concealed disdain that you'll want to be cool with her just so you're never a target. Contempt is rarely captured with such pointed accuracy. The production, which includes some Mike Will-like frequency-filtering, comes from relative newcomer Absolut-P. Download the track below, and watch its Citi Boi Skilz-directed video above.

Download: Sasha Gohard, "Why They Madd" (Prod. by Absolut-P)

Posted: May 09, 2012
Video: Sasha Gohard, “Why They Madd”