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Edai, “Gucci” MP3

May 18, 2012

In Chicago's newly competitive scene, it seems like new producers and rappers are coming out of the woodwork every second. Edai (pronounced E-day) has been a part of Chief Keef's sphere for awhile—you can see him with Lil Durk in the "Bossin' Shid" video, shot at the Parkway Gardens housing projects, in the blocks immediately south of where Keef and many of his friends attended elementary school. Producer Smylez is responsible for all of the beats on Edai's latest mixtape, Forgotten, which was released last week. "Gucci" is a highlight, a euphoric club track already making waves around the city. Download it below, along with Chris Mille's Smylez-produced "Shake Somethin," which finds the beatmaker moving in a different direction, with production that uses sudden sound effects and nursery-rhyme bells to create an uneasy, unpredictable ambiance.

Download: Edai, "Gucci" (Prod. by Smylez)

Download: Chris Mille f. Yale Lucciani and Katie Got Bandz, "Shake Somethin'" (Prod. by Smylez)

Edai, “Gucci” MP3