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Bump J f. Jameisha, “Life of a Thug” MP3

June 06, 2012

Until his arrest in 2009 for bank robbery charges cut his career short, Bump J had been Chicago's most successful rising street rapper. He built street buzz the old fashioned way, passing out mixtapes and working to build a large, grassroots following. Many Chicago rappers now credit him as an influence, if not musically, then for giving them hope that someone from their circumstances could one day make it in the music industry. "Life of a Thug" is a previously-unreleased Bump J track produced by Xtreme that features singer Jameisha Trice.

Download: Bump J f. Jameisha, "Life of a Thug"

Posted: June 06, 2012
Bump J f. Jameisha, “Life of a Thug” MP3