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Download Nick Catchdubs and HNRL’s Summer School Mixtape

July 03, 2012

Fools Gold boss Nick Catchdubs gives this gift, a new mixtape from Trackademicks and the HNRL crew, to all the kids doing summer school. Topics covered include great hot-weather activities like double dutch, growing fresh veggies (parsnips) and eating tacos. Highlights of the tape, which features beats by Flosstradamus and 1-O.A.K., include the booming "Gimme A Beat" and "Say Something", which samples Fort Romeau’s song of the same name. All this, tailor-mixed for July 4th or whenever you get out of class. Download the tape and check out the video for Trackademics and KOOL A.D.'s "Wooowww (Bay Shit)" below.

Download: Nick Catchdubs and HNRL Crew, Summer School mixtape

1. Intro / Disaster Drill feat Mike Baker, Whiz, Spank Pops, Josie Stingray & Trackademicks (prod by Flosstradamus)
2. Wait For It feat Trackademicks, Spank Pops & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks)
3. Wooowww (Bay Shit) feat Trackademicks & Kool A.D. (prod by Trackademicks)
4. Back to School feat Moxmore (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
5. Gimme A Beat feat Trackademicks & L. Deez (prod by Trackademicks)
6. Eric Roberts feat Trackademicks, Moxmore & Spank Pops (prod by Trackademicks)
7. Eat A Parsnip feat Josie Stingray, Spank Pops, Trackademicks, Mike Baker & 1-O.A.K. (prod by Trackademicks)
8. Nasty Girls feat Moxmore, Mike Baker, Trackademicks & Josie Stingray (prod by Trackademicks)
9. Planetary Cassanova feat Trackademicks, 1-O.A.K. & Mike Baker (Malcolm McLaren)
10. Double Dutchin’ feat Mike Baker & Trackademicks (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
11. The Party Starter feat Whiz, Josie Stingray, Trackademicks & Spank Pops (Mono/Poly)
12. Late Night Hype At The Taco Truck feat Trackademicks & Mike Baker (prod by Trackademicks)
13. Speedway feat Mike Baker, Trackademicks & 1-O.A.K. (Metro Area)
14. Bukkake feat Mike Baker (Motor City Drum Ensemble)
15. Say Something feat Trackademicks (Fort Romeau)
16. Rewind (Tonight Remix) feat iamSU! (prod by 1-O.A.K.)
17. Numb feat 1-O.A.K., Trackademicks & Whiz (prod by 1-O.A.K.)

Download Nick Catchdubs and HNRL’s Summer School Mixtape