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DG Yola, “Yall on Blast” MP3

August 07, 2012

DG Yola is most known for his 2006 anthem "Ain't Gon Let Up," but his career was sidelined after he was shot in the jaw, then caught a shooting charge of his own. The rapper recently returned to hip-hop, dropping a greatest hits compilation and then, last week, a new mixtape entitled Mr. Broke Da Knob. "Yall on Blast," with its stop-start Midnight Black production, highlights Yola's vocal performance, which has the immediacy of Lil Boosie but a style all his own.

Download: DG Yola, "Yall on Blast" (Prod. by Midnight Black)

Posted: August 07, 2012
DG Yola, “Yall on Blast” MP3