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Fryars, “In My Arms (Fort Romeau Remix)” MP3

January 07, 2013

Like its literal boy-in-a-bubble music video, embedded below the stream of Fort Romeau’s new remix, something about Fryars' original "In My Arms" seemed a little cut off from the world. In Fort Romeau's disco hands, the vocals don't tussle for attention against the drums—Benjamin Garrett's voice is almost entirely buried now—and the track benefits from it. Now, it's simultaneously more energetic and more to-the-point. A limited-edition 12-inch, also featuring a stellar Lone remix, comes out January 28th.

Download: Fryars, "In My Arms (Fort Romeau Remix)"

Love So Cold
Love So Cold (Lone Remix)
In My Arms
In My Arms (Fort Romeau Remix)

Fryars, “In My Arms (Fort Romeau Remix)” MP3