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Stream: Colleen Green, “Time in the World”

January 10, 2013

Colleen Green has made something of a name for herself as a sort of perceptive stoner, tweeting about weed and, you know, having 420 as part of her twitter handle. This isn't anything new, but it's also sort of an important factor in her music. Not like every song is about her raging bong hits and eating too many weed brownies or anything, but more in the sense that there's a low key, vaguely sad distance to all of her music, even when it's skirting uptempo pop punk. "Time in the World" pushes her in a new direction, though. Built on a thin guitar buzz and rudimentary hand claps, it's pretty upbeat, but then, in her vocals, there's still that slight, almost monotone disconnect. For all we know, Green could be holed up in her room making hundreds of tiny anthems like this one, but for now it exists as an interesting diversion from the more standard guitar rock sound she's been working in. Green's Sock It To Me will be out March 19th on Hardly Art.

Stream: Colleen Green, "Time in the World"

01. Only One
02. Time in the World
03. You're So Cool
04. Close to You
05. Sock it to Me
06. Darkest Eyes
07. Heavy Shit
08. Every Boy Wants a Normal Girl
09. Taxi Driver
10. Number One

Stream: Colleen Green, “Time in the World”