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Watch Some “TV” With Colleen Green

TV is her friend, and ours too.

January 27, 2015

West Coast slacker-pop auteur Colleen Green's latest single, "TV," carries a simple sentiment: TV is my friend and it has been/ With me every day for an early age. Hey, us too! The song sounds kind of like the Cars, a band that you could probably see on TV at some point; it's from Green's new album, I Want To Grow Up (hey, us too!), which sees release on February 24 via Hardly Art. "'TV' describes the complicated relationship that some people have with television or anything else that can be substituted for authentic personal interaction," Green said to FADER in an email. "It's just easier that way!" We agree!

Lead photo: Colleen Green

Watch Some “TV” With Colleen Green