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Pure X, “Someone Else” MP3

March 25, 2013

Pure X are on a desperate, bleak roll—earlier this month with "Things in My Head" and now with "Someone Else," featuring some of the rawest, most pained vocals in recent memory. They're cut awfully dry and loud, so you can hear the sound of the singer clearing his mouth and, almost, the contorting of his wincing face. The Austin, TX band's sophomore LP, Crawling up the Stairs, comes out May 14th via Acéphale in the US and Merok in the UK, who are both selling limited runs of black and white marbled vinyl. For more on Pure X read Sam Hockley-Smith's 2011 profile on Austin's music scene.

Download: Pure X, "Someone Else"

Download: Pure X, "Things in My Head"

Pure X, “Someone Else” MP3