FADER Mix: Gobby

March 27, 2013

The music of Brooklyn artist and DJ Gobby is hard to grasp—his most recent free LP for UNO is all over the map, dejected and noisy for one second then happy go lucky as a spring stroll down the street. That's his charm, though, as someone who takes you on mini-journeys through sound that are always weird, always different and always good. It turns out Gobby the person is as hard to get a read on as the music he makes: for his first ever interview, we emailed some questions hoping for an in-depth look at some of his inspirations and pretty much only received one-word answers. That's okay, though! When your music has so many different things to say, perhaps it takes the pressure off of having to say them yourself. Read below (it won't take you very long!) and listen to the new mix he made us, unsurprisingly without a provided tracklist. Gobby's new Fashion Lady double-LP comes out April 16th via UNO.

Download: Gobby's FADER Mix

Your latest UNO LP alternates between noise jams with no melody like "40 Cloves of Garlic" and then really sweet, hummable songs like "Theme for Money Go Deli." Do you feel pulled in both directions musically? Yes.

In fact, in general, your music can flow so seamlessly between vibes, up and down, happy and sad. Are you just a moody guy? Short attention span? Both.

You did some production work for Mykki Blanco: do you like working with a vocalist for a track? Is that something you'd like to do more of? Yes.

What's up with your next record? What can people expect? Fluorescent light bulbs.

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FADER Mix: Gobby